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15 of the best Dad quotes

Your dad has probably said quite a few of these

LATE LAST NIGHT #DadQuotes was trending on Twitter.

It was all thanks to Jimmy Fallon who used the tag on an episode of his popular talk show Late Night With Jimmy Fallon.

With Father’s Day rapidly approaching we can’t think of a better topic to give us some quality dad-related laughs.

1. The dad who is down with the lingo

2. The dad with a dark sense of humour

3. A kind and understanding father

4. The wise, wise father

5. The dad who supports women’s rights

6. A tech-savvy parent

7. The strict dad

8. The one who doesn’t want you to tell your mum he made a mistake

9. The father who isn’t afraid to brutally honest

10. A parent tuned into pop culture

11. The dad who doesn’t know what a train looks like

12. Fashion Dad

13. Foodie Dad

14. Father fart jokes

15. The dad who gives gross advice

The piece from Late Night with Jimmy Fallon is definitely worth a look and might even be worth watching with your dad this Father’s Day.

latenight / YouTube

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