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This little girl getting scared of her dad's shadow is just so adorable

The claw.

THIS IS WHAT happens when a dad and daughter are outside enjoying the winter sun – when he pulls out the claw move for the craic.

She’s just running along the footpath, minding her own business – and you can just see dad’s claw coming in from the left:

theclaw Source: YouTube

Her experience of shadows being limited, she’s absolutely terrified:

theclaw2 Source: YouTube

But dad sweeps her up off the ground, just before the shadow claw gets her:

wasthat Source: YouTube


The video was uploaded to YouTube over the weekend, and the title “Not going to win father of the year award” sums it up pretty well:

Source: Dad Oftheyear/YouTube

It’s been viewed over half a million times since it was uploaded on Saturday – so she can always look back on her adorable fear of the claw as bringing so much joy to the world.

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