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# Anger
'I walked out of the house to where my van was parked. I put three massive dents in the side of it'
Read an extract from Tai Woffinden’s ‘Raw Speed’.
# contact
'I like those collisions... Sometimes you go, ‘that’s a good f***ing hit, man’'
Getting run over by his dad’s truck at the age of six prepared CJ Stander for a love of contact.
# Happy Fathers Day
What Percent Dad Are You?
We can think of no better day to find out.
# f**k ryanair
Sharon returned to Ireland on Catastrophe and it turned into a heartbreaking episode
Welcome to spoilertown.
# the feels
Steve from Kodaline made his dad cry with an amazing present of a car on Christmas morning
“He’s done so much for me”.
# Trauma
''I wanted to say: 'You’re bullying me, Dad, don’t beat me like this, talk to me'''
Former boxer Kevin Lueshing talks of his difficult childhood and the regular beatings he took from his father.
# No One
This dad found a heartbreaking detail in his son with autism's homework
“Never have five letters cut me so deep.”
# hair for you
This video of a little girl showing her dad how to do her hair is melting hearts on Facebook
“You’re almost done! You’re doing a good job!”
# how's the form mick
What Is Your Irish Dad Name?
Patsy? Mick? Mossy?
# no playing around
This restaurant owner fired his own son for calling a customer a 'fatty'
Dad doesn’t play favourites.
# Court
Waterford father found guilty of rape of his son
The boy’s mother was acquitted of having sex with him.
# man vs baby
A mam asked her husband for updates on the baby, and he took the absolute piss
“A proper picture nobhead!”
This girl finally got a new puppy after winning a Twitter bet with her dad
# Doppelganger
This dad realised how much he looks like his daughter thanks to a face swap
# godly and gorgeous
A dad put a very creepy ad in a magazine jobs section to find a husband for his daughter
He saw fit to mention that she was a ‘godly virgin’. *shudders*
# dad toy
A dad has come up with the most 'dad' solution to keeping his toddler entertained
Well done.
# ya gurrier
12 things Irish dads say, and what they really mean
Decode your dad!
# cutout
This daddy-daughter chocolate ad in the US is giving everyone the feels
# not father of the year
This little girl getting scared of her dad's shadow is just so adorable
The claw.
# feels
This dad's gone viral after getting plane tickets to see his dying mother for Christmas
*weeping emoji*
# feels
This dad's gone viral after getting plane tickets to see his dying mother for Christmas
*weeping emoji*
# dadbod
This is probably the most Dad Facebook post ever
# auld lad
How Much Of An Irish Dad Is Your Dad?
Come get your dad stereotypes…
# just gotta ride it
This kid made his dad a hilarious (and rather dark) birthday card
“Life’s a water slide…”
# Dad
People are already tweeting 'f**k me daddy' at Edward Snowden
Gas tickets. All of yiz.
# Parenthood
Find yourself saying ridiculous things to children? This Dad made a book about it
‘We do not poop in books’ and other words of wisdom.
# Fatherhood
An Irish dad perfectly captured what it is to be a father... with a surprise ending
Meet Patrick and Benji.
# Drumcondra
Teen launched vicious unprovoked attack on dad in front of his family
He has received a two-year suspended sentence.
# Amputee
This man won't have to wait until 2017 to be able to live safely at home
His son has been campaigning for the house to be adapted to cater for his health issues.
# dad of the year
The internet is seriously impressed with this guy's 'dad skills'
Catch a foul baseball while feeding the baby? No bother.
# again again
This pilot took his daughter on a stunt plane for the first time, and she bloody loved it
Flying upside down? It’s a walk in the park to her.
An Irish dad just delivered the best line of the referendum on Aussie TV
He couldn’t resist the opportunity to make a dad joke. Couldn’t resist.
# just like dad
This sassy little girl cut off all her hair so she could be like her dad
It’s a great look, to be fair.
# ooga booga
Son scares the bejaysus out of his dad in cruel (but hilarious) late-night prank
Scared dads <3
# morto
Did you see Obama being the most embarrassing dad ever?
Can’t bring him anywhere.
# newfangled technology
This really confusing text proves why dads are great
# for the baby
The most Irish dad ever was on Channel 4's Catastrophe last night
Sharon’s mam and dad paid a visit.
# tifu
Dad's plan to replace his daughter's vodka with water backfires completely
In a way he could never have anticipated.
# comes with baggage
Tired dad sells buggy that 'ended my carefree life' on eBay, it goes viral with bids of £150,000
“My life is over and this green albatross needs to go round some other poor sod’s neck.”
# da-aad
Girl can't get the lid off a jar on MasterChef, runs to her dad in the audience for help
Dads are always there to help.