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This strange Dublin rental has a little something extra in every room

Does it come with the flat, or…?

THIS SNUG STUDIO apartment in Cabra Park, Phibsborough has a lot to offer.

For €200 a week, you get a nice bay window, lots of natural sunlight, and underfloor heating – but what’s that over there, just under those weird ladder-shelves?

daftad1 Source: Daft.ie

There it is again! On the oven!

daftad2 Source: Daft.ie

Oh, it’s just a seven-year-old copy of the Irish Times, hanging out in every corner of the room.

daftad3 Source: Daft.ie

daftad4 Source: Daft.ie

irishtimes Source: Daft.ie

A quick bit of research suggests that the newspaper is from 2008. We’ve either got a landlord who’s a bit of a hoarder, or an extremely long apartment hostage situation on our hands.

H/T @neasaconneally

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