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This headline about Carey Mulligan will make you facepalm

It seems not everyone understood Suffragette…

LAST NIGHT, CAREY Mulligan attended a reception for her film Suffragette.

You know, that historical film about feminist revolutionaries who fought for women’s rights at the turn of the century?

You might think that given the film’s themes, the film’s stars might be immune to commentary about their bodies and clothes. After all, that goes against what the film stands for, right?

But nope! Here was The Daily Mail’s headline.

The irony wasn’t lost on anyone.

Among other things, the article refers to Mulligan’s “lovely arms” and “trim figure”.

Carey Mulligan, 30, had no qualms showing off her figure as she attended the Focus Features reception for Suffragette in Los Angeles on Sunday.

Translation: “Wow, we can’t believe she’s not ashamed of her post-baby body! Fair play to her for not wearing a bin bag, eh?”

The headline has since been changed to this.

carey Source: The Daily Mail

This is not the first time The Daily Mail has been caught out with an awkward headline.

Remember this?

gemma Source: Daily Mail

And this?

watson Source: Daily Mail


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