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26th March 2023 - 31st March 2023
Prince Harry arrives in UK for High Court battle with Daily Mail newspaper
Prince Harry, Elton John and other high-profile figures have brought a claim against the newspaper’s publisher, for alleged misuse of their private information.
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# Daily Mail
'It signalled the end of our relationship': Meghan Markle's privacy case over letter to her father begins
The duchess is suing the publisher of The Mail On Sunday and MailOnline.
# Irish Daily Mail
Judge to decide on editor's role in Ana Kriegel story which led to newspaper being barred from court
Associated News (Ireland) Ltd, owners of the Daily Mail newspaper, accepted its responsibility and pleaded guilty to contempt of court.
# Drone
'Disgusting': Innocent couple arrested over Gatwick drone say they feel violated
The couple was completely innocent.
# disclosures tribunal
Irish Daily Mail group editor says evidence by paper's journalist was 'not logical'
Sebastian Hamilton was speaking about evidence by journalist Alison O’Reilly.
'I just know that we African players are proud of ourselves'
Andre Ayew has hit back at West Ham’s sacked director of recruitment Tony Henry.
# Free to choose
Virgin Trains to resume selling Daily Mail after strong criticism
“We must not ever be seen to be censoring what our customers read and influencing their freedom of choice,” he has said.
# Skunk
Grime star Stormzy hits back at Daily Mail for saying his music 'glorifies' cannabis use
The newspaper claimed that grime music is ‘product placement’ for cannabis.
# Skunk
Stormzy has ripped into the Daily Mail for saying his music is 'glorifying' cannabis use
The DM are at it again.
# UK Labour
'Never have so many trees died in vain': Corbyn hits back at Daily Mail attacks
Corbyn told delegates that Labour was “on the threshold of power” and that Tories were “hanging on by their fingertips”.
# Your Say
Poll: Would taking disciplinary action against gardaí over fake breath tests be 'a waste of time'?
Fianna Fáil’s Jim O’Callaghan has suggested that attempting to prosecute individual gardaí would be an exercise in futility.
# endless pins
20 Daily Mail headlines that show they truly can't handle seeing women's legs
“Fantastic legs!”
# on topic
May and Sturgeon discuss future of UK - 'moronic' Daily Mail headline focuses on their legs
“The 1950s called and asked for the headline back,” said former Labour leader Ed Miliband.
# Reaction
Some British newspapers had a different perspective on the death of Martin McGuinness
The Daily Mail in the UK ran with a picture depicting IRA bombings.
# infowars
Wikipedia bans Daily Mail links as references
A spokesperson for the Daily Mail said it had “banned all its journalists from using Wikipedia as a sole source in 2014 because of its unreliability”.
# granny panties
Daily Mail shamed a presenter for wearing 'granny pants' and women reacted in the best way
# Campaign
Lego stops advertising with the Daily Mail following 'Stop Funding Hate' campaign
The Stop Funding Hate campaign attempts to target advertisers in certain UK newspapers, agitating for them to withdraw their business.
# enemies of the people
The UK's Justice Minister eventually comes out to support these judges (kind of)
Liz Truss offered support to the judiciary but did not condemn newspaper headlines.
# hands off our brexit
Today's British tabloids are not one bit impressed with yesterday's Brexit decision
Yesterday London’s High Court ruled that parliament, and not the sitting government, must approve the start of Britain’s exit from the EU.
# Hyde Park
London police read press the riot act over 'summer of disorder' speculation
A man has been arrested on suspicion of attempted murder after last week’s Hyde Park water fight descended into chaos.
# daily fail
The Daily Mail is slagging Kate Middleton's toes and god help us all
# ellie gelding
Ellie Goulding had the perfect response to this ridiculous Daily Mail article about her
Couldn’t have put it better ourselves, Ellie.
# knobbly knees
This headline slamming celebs and their 'knobbly knees' is peak Daily Mail
Good grief.
# sidebar of shame
11 times the Daily Mail truly outdid itself
Flaunt that bod. ladies.
# daily fail
This headline about Carey Mulligan will make you facepalm
It seems not everyone understood Suffragette…
# Not happy
Quite a lot of people are sceptical of this Daily Mail article on ‘male’ and ‘female’ brains
But it’s SCIENCE, you guys!
# delicious brains
Everyone is highly sceptical of this Daily Mail article on 'male' and 'female' brains
But it’s SCIENCE, you guys!
# Context
That Daily Mail article about GBBO’s Nadiya isn’t quite as bad as it seems
It’s all about context, people.
# Context
This Daily Mail article about GBBO's Nadiya isn't quite as bad as it seems
It’s all about context, people.
# gbbo
People are not impressed with this 'racist' Daily Mail article about GBBO
The finalists are only the finalists because of some big PC conspiracy, apparently. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
# double uh oh
Here's why everyone's talking about Idris Elba, race and James Bond today
Too street? Street damn!
# cracking the code
10 absolutely ridiculous tabloid headlines about celebrities, translated
“She put on a leggy display.” Oh, you mean she wore a skirt?
# not impressed
Politician tells journalist to 'f*** off' after being asked how much she weighs
Liz Kendall has described the question as ‘unbelievable’.
# daily fail
The front page of today's Daily Mail features a deeply unfortunate headline and photo combo
# cracking the whip
Dutch banker loses job after secret life as a dominatrix revealed
‘Conchita van der Waal’ reportedly sold her services for €450 a night.
# Harsh
The Daily Mail was mean about Angela Lansbury's appearance and people are furious
# Harsh
The Daily Mail made harsh comments about Angela Lansbury's appearance and nobody's happy
# Rest In Peace
Tributes are flowing in for former Herald editor Paul Drury
The veteran journalist passed away peacefully yesterday.
Lambasting Kate over a few grey hairs isn't harmless – it shows the pressure women face
Kate Middleton is 33 years old, the mother of a toddler, and is currently pregnant… is anyone really shocked she has a grey hair or two?
# 50 shades of grey
People aren't happy with the Daily Mail's front page about Kate Middleton's hair
Oh Daily Mail, are you really showing such poor taste.