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20 Daily Mail headlines that show they truly can't handle seeing women's legs

“Fantastic legs!”

DAILY MAIL FREQUENTLY comes in for widespread criticism, but if there is one thing we may say in its defense, it’s that it has managed to retain a childlike wonder when it comes to women’s legs.

Daily Mail has seen a lot of legs in its day. After all, women are constantly flaunting them right in their faces. You would think that it may have become jaded at the sight of a leggy display, but you couldn’t be more wrong!

In fact, the paper’s enthusiasm for legs is showing no signs of waning.

“Legs for days!” it exclaims.

dancerle Source: Daily Mail

“VERY lean legs!” it gasps.

very Source: amy

“Lithe legs,” it winks.

lithe Source: Daily Mail

“Shapely legs,” it says, channeling a character in a 1940s rom-com.

shapel Source: Daily Mail

“Gym-honed legs,” it says, when it’s run out of adjectives.

gym Source: Daily Mail

“Incredible legs!” it roars.

le Source: Daily Mail

“Fantastic legs!” it declares with the enthusiasm of Alan Partridge.

fantas Source: Daily Mail

“Beautiful legs!”

beaut Source: Daily Mail

“Flawless legs!”

fkaw Source: Daily Mail

“AMAZING LEGS!!!!!!!!!!”

You know when a child has too many sweets at a birthday party and crashes at the end of the day? That’s what happens when the Daily Mail overdoses on too many fantastic, amazing, beautiful, incredible legs.

am Source: Daily Mail

Sometimes, however, the word “legs” just doesn’t cut it. In this instance, Daily Mail will wax lyrical about “slender pins”.

slend Source: Daily Mail

Or enviably slender pins.

enviab Source: Daily Mail

There’s trim pins…

rub Source: Daily Mail

Slim pins…

sli Source: Daily Mail

And thin pins!

Incidentally, Trim Pins, Slim Pins and Thin Pins is a little-known Dr. Seuss novel.

thin Source: Daily Mail

Don’t forget the super-skinny pins!

pisn Source: Daily Mail

We know it’s meant in good spirit, but “endless pins” actually sound like they would be very painful.

We all need to come together and bring Bella Hadid’s pins to an end.

ber Source: Daily Mail

And pale pins sound positively Victorian.

ale Source: Daily Mail

Sometimes they take a leap of faith and come up with a magical turn of phrase like “sculpted stems”

sculpt Source: Daily Mail

Or “stunning stalks”

Ah yes, that common term we all use to mean “legs”.

st Source: Daily Mail

Conclusion? Find someone who loves you as much as Daily Mail loves writing about legs.

legs Source: Google

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