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7 feelings every Irish person felt about Damien Rice's 'O'

Why’d ya sing Hallelujah if it means nothing to ya?

DIG OUT YOUR treasured copy of O people, because Damien Rice is back.

The Celbridge singer songwriter this morning sold out a comeback date at Whelan’s in minutes, and has a new website in the works.

But what about the album that made it all?

Damien_Rice_O_album_cover Wikimedia Wikimedia

Released in 2002, we’d put money on there being a copy of O lying around at least half the houses in Ireland.

Why not stick it on right now, and relive the feelings…


The cult of O spread slowly and surely across the county, pulling everyone into its grasp just like David Gray’s White Ladder had done several years previously.

Once you were in, you were in. You were listening to that album 24/7, and attempting to indoctrinate anyone who’d listen into the gang.



No, you weren’t alone in hoping that Damien Rice and his mystical chanteuse sidekick Lisa Hannigan were a real-life couple. It just made it all the more romantic.

1203_damien_rice_a BlogSpot BlogSpot


What’s your favourite track on the album? You must decide NOW!

IMG_0023 BlogSpot BlogSpot

Indecision-Induced-Impossible-Planet-Face Onsugar Onsugar


How all-knowing and powerful did you feel busting out this nugget of trivia about The Blower’s Daughter at parties?…


Didn’t matter if it wasn’t true. It was the authority with which you said it. You could also whip out that old “sure Damien Rice was in Bell X1″ chestnut.

tumblr_m5hsbxVD4r1qdazhjo1_500 Tumblr Tumblr


Do you remember where you where when you heard Britney Spears had been at a Damien Rice gig with Colin Farrell? Or that Damo was going out with Renee Zellweger and had been seen parading her around the Tesco in Celbridge?

col Rolling Stone Rolling Stone


When the worm turned, and it became uncool to like Damien Rice and anything to do with his Crying-Into-My-Pillow music, you were at a loss. You still liked to dig out your copy of O and croon along to Cold Water, but you had to pretend in public that you “hated that t*sser”.

And sure look, he dropped Lisa Hannigan like a hot snot. How could you stick by him?

It’s okay. You’re amongst friends.

large Whicdn Whicdn


Now though, Damien Rice is back, and O is old enough for you to listen to it in a nostalgic, cool way.

Enjoy the memories.

damienricemusic / YouTube

Any Damien Rice memories to share with us? Or a favourite track from O? Let us know in the comment section…

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