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Daniel Craig is moving to Dublin... it's The Dredge

So much celeb filth.

EVERY WEEKDAY MORNING, rounds up the best of the day’s celebrity dirt – from the top to the very bottom.

Daniel Craig and his wife Rachel Weisz are shacking up in Dublin for a few months.

Weisz is going to be in the capital shooting The Lobster with Colin Farrell at the end of March, so she and the hubs are searching for a suitable gaff, maybe in the Dun Laoghaire area. (The Herald)

70th Annual Golden Globe Awards - Arrivals - Los Angeles AFF / EMPICS Entertainment AFF / EMPICS Entertainment / EMPICS Entertainment

Maybe they’ll form a special Bond with the neighbours. Geddit? Bond?

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Justin Bieber is changing his name. 

Of course he is. Because he’s not mind-numbingly ridiculous enough, he’s changing his name to Bizzle.

He’s a rapper now and his name is Bizzle. Imagine the biggest loudest mammy sigh your ma has ever done, and that’s the sound we’re making right now.

bizzle Instagram Instagram

Remember Lauren from The Hills? The one who fell out with Heidi and then started her own fashion line?

Well, she’s our new hero.  Lead us, oh queen.

lc via @MartynRosney via @MartynRosney

And the rest of the day’s celeb headlines…

  • Former child star Shirley Temple has died at the age of 85 (
  • Bruce Jenner‘s hair has taken on a life of its own (Daily Mail)
  • One of Skrillex’s (remember him?) fans is suing him after a stage dive that went wrong (TMZ)
  • Samuel L Jackson has lost the head after being mistaken for Laurence Fishburne AGAIN (
  • Inside Gwen Stefani’s baby shower you say? YES PLEASE! (ABC)

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