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11 times Dara Ó Briain was just really f**king funny

Gas man.

1. When he brilliantly took on modern herbal medicine

quote-i-m-sorry-herbal-medicine-oh-herbal-medicine-s-been-around-for-thousands-of-years-indeed-it-dara-o-briain-213188 Source: Izquotes

2. And skewered the Big Frying Pan conspiracy

fryingpan Source: http://chrisdleonard.tumblr.com/

3. And imagined the Queen at Wimbledon like…


coin2 Source: clarasdoctahs Tumblr

4. When he explained the awkwardness of phone calls with an accent

Source: slydiceb/YouTube

5. And ripped people who ask their for girlfriend’s father’s permission to marry

permission Source: http://th0masjeffers0n.tumblr.com/

6. Remember when he solved Greece’s debt crisis


greexe2 Source: sandandglass Tumblr

7. And why he doesn’t bother doing jokes about religion any more

Source: Sithlock Holmes/YouTube

8. That time he embarrassed a troll with one tweet

acommentt Source: cap via usvsth3m

9. And destroyed music snobs

smobbery Source: tickld

10. On the Irish legal system, he said:

You think things are all legal or illegal in this country. In Ireland, that’s not the way we do it. We’ve got a greater appreciation of the greyness of the human condition, between the white and the black. There are three states of legality in Irish law: there’s all this stuff which comes under “That’s grand” and then moves into “Ah now, don’t push it” and finally comes under “Right, you’re taking the piss” and that’s when the police come in.

11. And finally… how to send a letter to Ireland

Source: laurtin3011/YouTube


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