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This David Attenborough comment thread turned into an incredible Fresh Prince cover
This is why the internet is wonderful.

LAST WEEK, DAVID Attenborough visited Reddit to answer users’ questions as part of the community site’s Ask Me Anything section.

It gave rise to perhaps the greatest display of community effort and co-operation the online world has ever witnessed.

The glory began with this innocent question from lula2488:

when you see a predator attempting to take down prey, do you take sides? Who do you barrack for?

To which Attenborough answered:

You can’t take sides. If you interfered you would cause more deaths not less.

And there it began. Witness:

Mocksession Mocksession

Here’s the transcription:

ONE_GUY_ONE_JAR: David is so hoodfishingforfish: Brought up in the Atten borough

tommos: Atten borough born and raised / In the jungles is where I spend most of my days

bikemaul: trekking out, waxwing, heron all cool / and shooting some new film, time-lapse of their stool

WatawkichawWhen a couple a flies, who were up to no good; started eating doodie off a plank of wood

Coypop: I tried one little bite and my crew just stared

sm11jf: And sent me to the Arctic to film polar bears

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Interested in what David Attenborough actually said? We’ve rounded up the highlights here.

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