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7 of the best Dawson's Creek 1990s memes

Is there anything more 90s than Dawson, Pacey, Joey and co?

NOTHING SAYS NINETIES quite like a good old Dawson’s Creek retrospective.

And nothing will make you feel old quite like realising that good old fivehead himself Dawson (aka James Van Der Beek) is turning 36 today.

Let’s remember Dawson, and the nineties themselves, through the medium of memes…

1 We all remember this pain

2. If only there was some other way to look them up

3. Remember when you could only do one or the other?


4. The days before mobile phones


5. One of the great upsets of the nineties

6. Cry us a river Dawson

We’ll leave you with this…

Happy Birthday Dawson!

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