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7 days off you don't get but you should

Having to work on your birthday? NOT COOL MAN.

IT’S THE DAY after budget day, and in an incredible example of pathetic fallacy, it’s poured rain all day.

It was one of those days you wish you could have spent at home.  Or at least not at work.

There are lots of those though, and in fact, we would argue that there are certain specific days that you don’t get off, but you really should.

Engagement day

You get engaged, and it’s all sunshine and lollipops and flowers and hearts and this:



The suddenly you realise you have to go to work and suddenly it’s like this.:


It isn’t fair really. Surely you should get a day off to celebrate a time that will hopefully only come once in your life?

Hungover days x 2

Twice a year you should be allowed to be hungover at home. This will allow for impromptu fun times and celebrations on nights like this:


It’s not like you’d be any good to anyone at work anyway.


Your birthday

Your birthday should be like this:


Not like this:


Catch-up day

Occasionally, the general administration of life catches up with you and you find yourself overwhelmed:


Once a year you should be allowed to stay home to get some banking/cleaning/laundry/tv catchup (What? It’s important business!) done.


Duvet day

Occasionally you wake up and hear the rain pelting on your window, and all you want is to turn over and go back to sleep.


Once a year, we reckon you should be allowed to do just that.


Sport day

Occasionally, there is an important sporting event which is inconveniently scheduled during work time.  Katie Taylor’s Olympic Final, for example, or the World Cup next year in Brazil.


Once a year you should be able to take the day off to enjoy such an event.

ku-xlarge (1)

Heartbreak days

The fact that people are expected to go to work the day after a breakup is frankly, barbaric.

Let’s be honest, your colleagues don’t want to see you like this:


You should be able to take a day (or three) to do whatever you need to do.


What have we left out?  What days should you get off that you unfortunately don’t?

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