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9 ingenious items that will make your dinner parties deadly

Be the hostess with the mostest.

WITH THE DARK nights fast closing in, autumn is all about staying in and having people over.

Well, your parties aint parties unless you’ve got this lot.

1. Trongs

Don’t let your guests destroy their fingers when eating sticky wings and ribs, get them some Trongs. What are you, an animal?

trongs1 Source: Coolthings

2. Dip clips

Some of your guests won’t like ketchup, some won’t like hummus, MOST won’t like mayo. Dip clips will keep even the pickiest happy.

763e9cf7409dd884702651fc6e752040 Source: Cloudinary

3. Meat markers

Having a barbie or serving up some steaks? Let everyone know how the meat is cooked with these cool little wooden markers. It’s like Nandos, but with even more notions.

31024_XXX_v1-w2000 Source: World Market

4. Margarita salts

COLOURED, no less, so you can tell them all apart. Your friends will be so impressed they’ll start speculating if you’ve come into money behind your back.

il_570xN.368548896_f8rl Source: Etsy

il_570xN.472148885_rato Source: Etsy

5. This simple cake cutter

Make sure everyone gets a fair slice of cake with this ingenious innovation in cake consumption.

05765495cf8c80f2d04c53eeda77ee56 Source: Pinterest

6. Cheese spreading knives

You know that monster who reuses the brie knife for the blue cheese and ruins everything for everyone? Not on your watch.

vintage-cheese-spreaders-pdf Source: Stylishspoon

7. Guitar ice stirrers

Why have ice AND a stirrer? There’s no room left for drink. These guitars will solve all your problems. Even ones completely unrelated to keeping beverages cold.

guitar-ice-stirrers Source: Smartas

8. These Golden Girls wine glass charms

Which one of the group are you? They can also be used on beer bottles too because that one guy who won’t drink wine is SUCH a Betty.

il_570xN.606808859_h3o0 Source: Etsy

9. Pizza scissor spatula

Oh, my pizza slice is totally as big as yours… No more lies. No more.

pizza-cutter-scissor Source: Wordpress

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