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# Gadgets
Some people are paying 'on the double' for phone insurance
Companies don’t give enough information about benefits and how to make a claim, the Central Bank has said.
# get going
5 sporting gadgets for your last-minute Santa wish list
And if the list is already sent, these might be a few ideas for the January sales.
Looking for some gadgets gifts ideas? Here are some to get you started
Our pick of the best high-end, mid-range and budget devices you can get in different areas.
# gimme gimme gimme
The wait is over: Apple fans sleep out and queue to get their hands on new iPhones
The iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus are being released today.
# april treats
6 ways to treat yo'self this April
You deserve it.
# Buyers' Guide
These are the gadgets you want to have underneath your Christmas tree
With only a week and a half left until Christmas Day, there’s still time to get a great gift for someone you know.
# paaaaaarty
9 ingenious items that will make your dinner parties deadly
Be the hostess with the mostest.
# TechKnowHow
What to consider when buying a tablet for your family
Tablets are handy devices, but if you’re undecided on whether your family needs one or not, here’s what you should be asking.
# Not U2
Remember the U2 iPod? That and 9 other Apple product flops
Not everything created at Apple was a home-run hit.
# Buyers' Guide
The last-minute gadget gift guide
If you’ve only this weekend to get your shopping done, here’s some gifts that will help you out.
# secret santa
Buyers' Guide: Best gadgets to get someone for Christmas
If you’re stuck for gift ideas, these could help you out.
# Fitness
The 6 best presents to get the fitness freak in your life this Christmas
One thousand… one thousand and one!
# Fitness
This tracker is the size of a 20c coin and the next big thing in fitness gadgets
It’s not cheap but might be nice for the runner in your life this Christmas.
# LA Auto Show
Driven to distraction: carmakers face questions over gadget risks
Technologies also cause problems for regulators as they try to decide where to draw the line.
# Airplane Mode
European airlines to allow gadget use during takeoff and landing
The new guidelines will allow passengers to keep their gadgets switched on throughout their flight.
# mile high gaming
It's official, gadgets allowed on US flights by the end of the year
Mobile phones still cannot be used for voice calls while in flight says the Federal Aviation Administration.
# Gadgets
Apple sends event invites amid rumours of iPad update
“We still have a lot to cover,” said the tech firm.
# gadget review
Review: Is the iPhone 5S worth buying?
From the fingerprint unlock to the unexpectedly amazing slow-motion videos, Niall Harbison assesses whether the iPhone 5S is worth the hype or style over substance.
# Gadgets
Gadget makers reveal killer new tech lineups
Are they trying to make us – gasp! – Christmas shop already?
# sponsored by currys
Open thread: What's on your Christmas tech wishlist?
# Technology
Google makes a play for TV streaming market
The web giant is aiming to turn televisions into second screens for Google-powered devices, starting with the remarkably cheap Chromecast.
# hidden naggin
6 gadgets people have invented just to smuggle booze
Stuffing a naggin in your sock is for amateurs.
# Mind = blown
8 things that genuinely seemed like they would change our lives
But probably didn’t.
# Gadgets
PICS: Bendable phones, the 'iPotty'... the latest in tech gadgets
Which one is your favourite?
# that's gift
7 completely pointless* gadgets for the person who has everything
*Well, pretty much.
# Gadgets
Microsoft sold 750,000 XBox 360s over US holiday week
Blame Black Friday…
Column: How to take your life back from technology
Mobile phones, email, Facebook and Twitter can make us more anti-social, writes Ciara Conlon – but that doesn’t mean we should ditch them.
# gadget
Apple gets record 2 million orders for the iPhone 5
Apple said that the pre-orders have shattered the previous record held by the iPhone 4S.
# you tell us
Open thread: What high-tech functions would you like in your home?
What kind of tech developments would make it easier to run your home? Add your thoughts to this open thread.
# on fire
Kindle Fire tablet sold out, says Amazon
Meanwhile, research study says that sales of dedicated e-readers peaked last year.
# iPhone 5
iPhone 5's smaller dock connector renders accessories obsolete
While the new move may anger Apple users, accessory manufacturers are preparing for a sales boom after the phone’s release.
# Gadgets
21st Century Gadgets. Which are the most important so far?
Yeah, Apple features quite heavily.
# Tablet Wars
US court blocks sales of Samsung Galaxy Tab in patent dispute
Latest development in the tech battle over alleged patent infringement.
# Tablet Wars
The Nexus 7: details emerge on the Google tablet
The 7-inch device will run Google Wallet and Android Beam, according to training documents seen by Gizmodo Australia.
# retro
In pics: The early gadgets of the housework revolution
Electric coffee dispenser in your car? Dish AND clothes washing machine? These was the early (domestic) appliances of science…
# Gadgets
Well, it turns out that whole 'iPad gets too hot' thing was a bunch of crap
PCWorld tests show it’s no worse than Android tablets, and possibly not as hot as some laptops.
# Daily Fix
The Daily Fix: Wednesday
Your nightly news round-up of the day’s biggest stories…
# Gadgets
Google glasses will send info to your eyeballs - reports
Time to ditch your smartphone? The high-tech specs will display graphics directly in front of your eyes – and they’re said to be coming this year.
# Inspect Our Gadets
15 gadgets that are changing the tech world
Here’s a bunch of stuff you wish you had.
# Paranoia
Who would live in an armoured, transforming house like this?
For very private people: a house which turns itself, at the touch of a button, into a seamless concrete bunker.