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They've done it. They've deep fried a Big Mac

Anyone want to try it? Be honest.

HERE AT DAILYEDGE.IE, we’re all for enjoying a massive Big Mac meal on occasion.

But this? We cannot condone this.

Someone has deep fried a Big Mac. And eaten it.

Any Guesses On What I Deep Fried n Put on A Stick ? #PeepMyEatsOnAStick #BellyBonerOnAStick Source: peepmysneaks

That would be McDonald’s burger sauce drizzled over the top, in case you’re wondering. Here’s a view of what’s inside:

Yup, a Deep Fried Big Mac With Extra Mac Sauce on Top @mcdonalds Holla At Me #PeepMyEats #BellyBoner #TryNotToEatYourPhone Source: peepmysneaks

This monstrosity is the handiwork of Peep My Eats, a food blog that specialises in artery-clogging, “crazy” dining experiences.

The blogger describes the deep-fried Big Mac as a ‘#BellyBonerOnAStick’, but we’re not sure we can agree.

Nevertheless, if you want to make your own, all you’ll need is a Big Mac, eggs, breadcrumbs and a deep fat fryer:


Do you know what? We’ll pass.

y3PWaHz Source: Reactiongifs

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