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9 delicious toasties to make with all your leftover fancy cheese

Mountain of cheese, get in me.

NEVERMIND THE TURKEY, what are we gonna do with all that cheese…?

Cheese+image Source: BlogSpot

Eat it in chunks, of course. But if you fancy something a little different…

1. Grilled Cranberry cheese

Finally, something to make that Wensleydale and cranberry cheese even more delicious. Recipe here.

grilledcheese_110808_image5-2000x1500 Source: Grilledshane

2. Brie and Nutella grilled cheese

Sounds weird, but you literally have a mountain of brie to get through so why not give it a go? Recipe here.

20150219-grilled-brie-and-nutella-sandwich-vicky-wasik-1-thumb-1500xauto-419750 Source: Seriouseats, Vicky Wasik

3. Brussels sprouts grilled cheese

OK, stay with us on this one. You have loads of sprouts left, so why not combine them? It’s a strangely tasty sandwich. Recipe here.

20131106-brussels-sprouts-grilled-cheese-05 Source: Seriouseats, J. Kenji Lopez-Alt

4. The turkey Monte Cristo

All you need is gouda, cranberry, and turkey if you’re desperate… piled into one tasty brioche. Recipe here.

turkey-monte-cristo-sandwich Source: Food Network

5. The Quattro Formaggio grilled cheese

Perfect with a side of soup… turkey soup. You’ll need ricotta, mozzarella, parmesan, and gorogonzola to make it. Throw in a bit of cranberry if you feel a bit like going mad. Recipe here.

quattro-formaggio-grilled-cheese-cut-2 Source: Tastespotting

6. Roasted garlic and gruyere toastie

Droooool. Recipe here.

Roasted Garlic & Gruyere Cheese Toasties Source: raspberri cupcakes

7. Cheddar, stilton and red onion chutney toastie

Like a meal in a delicious sandwich of fried bread. Recipe here.

main-image-2568 Source: Jamieshomecookingskills

8. Caramelised pear and brie grilled cheese

Sweet baby Jesus… And hey, they’re only little so forget carbs. Recipe here.

Pear and Brie Grilled Cheese Recipe Source: WhitneyBond.com

9. Grilled pesto and triple cheese sandwich

Goats cheese, cheddar, and camembert. Throw them all in. Recipe here.

pestocheese Source: Thebitehouse

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