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11 things we really wish we could get delivered

I’ll take two puppies, some painkillers and clean pants please.

MCDONALD’S HAVE ANNOUNCED that they’re considering introducing a delivery service to customers around the world.

We can think of a few more things that would be handy to have just a click or a dial away…

1. Contraception at the crucial moment

2. Toilet roll when you realise you’ve run out.

But it would have to be delivered directly to the bathroom.

Via Shutterstock.com

3. Alcohol

It’s past ten o’clock. You are raging you didn’t get that extra bottle of wine in. It would be so handy to just pick up the phone.

A wine dispenser would also be handy (Via Foodhoe/Creative Commons)

4. Your ma

No, not your ma. Our own mas, for when an emergency mammy dinner is needed.

Shepherds pie anyone? (Chispita_666/Flickr/Creative Commons)

5. Clean underwear/socks

Hands up who’s worn swimwear as underwear in times of need? Or turned their boxers inside out? Or simply gone commando?

Imagine if you could order instant clean underwear online? The dream.

Via Shutterstock.com

6. McDonald’s/Burger King

According to this customer he "got the Dominos guy to buy me McDonald's in the special instructions section". This madness needs to stop. (Via Imgur)

7. A weekend fry up

Let's take breakfast in bed to a whole new level and get someone to deliver it.

Flickr/Creative Commons/JaredFrazer

8. Milk

Kettle's boiled. Teabag is in the cup. Cornflakes are in the the bowl. And then...

9. Painkillers

And you might even get some Solpadeine without going through the third degree.

10. A puppy

11. In extreme cases, a baby and a kitten

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