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Dennis Quaid completely lost the rag on a film set - but it could just be a prank

A video of the actor calling a colleague ‘Dopey the D***’ surfaced online yesterday.

DENNIS QUAID ISN’T exactly known for being a Hollywood bad boy, but a new video appears to show the actor having an almighty meltdown on the set of a film.

'At Any Price' Premiere - New York Source: EMPICS Entertainment

A clip, which surfaced on Reddit yesterday evening, shows Quaid absolutely losing the rag after a colleague walked on set while he was running lines.

Here are just a few samples of the insults levelled at the poor unfortunate::

I am acting here, and this d***head wanders onto my set. I can’t even get a line out until Dopey the D*** starts whispering in your ear, and you’re not even watching any more.
Don’t f***ing DENNIS me! I am doing my job here! I am a pro! This is the most unprofessional set I have EVER BEEN ON! This is horsesh*t!

And then it all gets a bit Michael Douglas in Falling Down. Warning: The most NSFW of NSFW language to follow.

Source: fyq9715/YouTube

Many have speculated that the whole thing is a prank by TV host Jimmy Kimmel, who is no stranger to pulling a stunt or two.

According to JustJared, one Redditor who claimed to work on the show said it was entirely set up, but refused to give any further details.

Either way, everyone cannot stop talking about it:

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