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So dentists' training dummies are the most horrifying things on the planet

Straight out of your nightmares.

OBVIOUSLY, TRAINEE dentists aren’t allowed hammer away at real people’s teeth from day one.

So how do they learn? Well…

Redditor ericherren posted these examples of dentists’ training dummies to the website’s Creepy subreddit yesterday, and they quickly began to go viral.

xvanjTW Source: u/ericherren


And that’s not the end of it. Check out this vintage one, like something out of the Terminator:

9217ac0bc7da276acb2f79166eace484 Source: Pinterest

This one you can mount to a dentist’s chair:

$_57 Source: eBay

This one, whose gaping maw holds many horrors:

$_57 Source: eBay

And this one, whose off-kilter grin hides a world of pain:

$_57 Source: eBay

We expect a Hollywood horror film centred around a haunted dentist’s dummy very soon.

And in the meantime, we will never sleep again.

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