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Des Bishop offered people lifts to vote and loads took him up on it


DES BISHOP SENT out the above tweet earlier tonight, offering lifts to anyone in the capital who might need to get to the polls to vote.

Everyone knows Des to be a sound enough guy, but this was taking it to the next level.

Some people might even have thought it was a joke, but not this Dublin man

Des had to get some facts straight before he committed to the journey

But Reece quickly confirmed his age, and it seemed all set to go

Within five minutes, Des was on his way

And Reece sent him back the most casual of replies

And within an hour, he’d given Reece the lift that he had promised

A happy ending for all

And that right there proves once and for all the soundness of one Des Bishop.

But he wasn’t done there

Putting himself out there as a makeshift taxi service for the night

Well done, everyone.

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