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Des Cahill got people to recreate THAT 'Dessie Swim' move on the Ray D'Arcy Show

Like the original, it was really…something.

dancing Source: RTÉ

RTÉ’S DANCING WITH The Stars has been consistently entertaining over the past few weeks, with sports broadcaster Des Cahill emerging as the unlikely favourite.

Last week, Cahill and his partner Karen Byrne left viewers speechless with an Austin Powers-inspired routine that contained this, er, dance move:

dessieswim Source: RTÉ Player

The move was nicknamed the ‘Dessie Swim’, and Ireland would be forever changed.

dessieswim Source: RTÉ

Cahill was on the Ray D’Arcy Show last night to discuss his experience on the show so far, and the conversation naturally turned to the Dessie Swim:

Ray: Let’s go back to the Dessie Swim then… You were telling me during the week that it went better in rehearsal?
Des: I knew that’s why I was here! It’s physically difficult to do. The thing in the blue suit… That’s how we refer to it at home. ‘The incident’.

Not content with having to do the move himself, he had to inflict it on some members of the audience.

A couple from Cavan was recruited to copy the Dessie Swim on Ray D’Arcy’s floor, and they really went for it. They really did.


No one was ready to see it again so quickly.

The words “worst moment in the history of RTÉ” were mentioned.


This cannot go on. Let us throw all evidence of the Dessie Swim into a vault and lock it away forever. We as a country deserve to forget.

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