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7 reasons not to miss developing old school photographs

Let’s be honest, it was a pain.

WHILE DIGITAL PHOTOGRAPHY has its issues (people spending entire events taking, examining and retaking photographs, for example) it has a lot of advantages too.

All of the worst things about developing a roll of film have been eradicated, and we can be grateful for that.

Can’t think of any such things?  Allow us to help.

Here are seven things we don’t miss about developing photographs.

The ones with the sticker on them

photo Source: Datatonia

Getting a roll of film back was always really exciting, but the disappointment when a load of them had error stickers on them was painful.

Who knows what incredible memories might have been captured in those squares of film?

The waste of the one of two of your bedroom

My old bedroom Source: renaissancechambara

There were always a bit of space at the end of the roll of film, and to use it up you’d inevitable wind up taking photographs of your bedroom.

Which were, of course, completely useless when you got the pictures back.

The ones that were hideous

Funny-Wedding-Photos Source: Team Jimmy Joe

Ok, so the whole ‘Delete that! It’s disgusting!’ thing that happens with digital photography might be irritating, but things were worse before.

If your friend took a hideous photograph of you, you had no control over how many people saw it before you got a chance to get rid of it.

In fact, you may never have known of its existence!  There’s a lot to be said for untagging.

The waiting


Aside from the fact that the development itself took time, you had to find a moment to physically bring the film to be developed which might not have happened for several days or even weeks.

Sometimes you didn’t have the extra money for months, and by the time you got the photos back you didn’t even really care about them.

The expense

Superia 400 - Developed Source: dareppi

As mentioned above, getting your photos developed was sometimes prohibitively expensive.  You could have spent seven or eight euro on the processing, and you never knew what you were going to end up with.

Talk about a gamble!

Sitting in a room as they were passed around


It’s often difficult to feign interest at someone else’s photographs, and even more so when you’re in a large group of people, all feigning interest at someone else’s photographs.

You’d struggle to maintain a glossy exterior while waiting for the photograph which had been discussed five minutes previously to get to you, all the while attempting to quieten the homicidal voice inside you.

Hard times.

Being forced to look at them while someone else holds them

looking at holga pics Source: orphanjones

Again, you’re looking at someone else’s photographs, which isn’t always an entirely enjoyable experience.

What makes it worse though, is when the individual refuses to let you hold the photos, thus dictating the speed at which you look at them.

Also, the implication that your fingers are somehow not good enough to tough what are essentially pieces of paper is kind of offensive.

In short, viva la digital photograph!

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