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Cinematographer Dick Pope responds to the 'Dick Poop' Oscars gaffe

He thinks we’re all very weird.

CINEMATOGRAPHER DICK POPE, who was yesterday nominated for an Oscar for his work on Mr Turner, has responded to that amazing flub during the nominations ceremony.

2014 Independent Film Awards Nominations - London Dick Pope Source: EMPICS Entertainment/Richard Gray

While announcing the nominees for Best Cinematography, the President of the Academy, Cheryl Boone Isaacs, accidentally mispronounced Pope’s name as ‘Dick Poop’. It instantly became everyone on the internet’s favourite thing (for the next few hours).

The LA Times spoke to Pope about his nomination, and while he was full of good humour about the slip-up, he wasn’t aware of the communal glee surrounding it:

For one, [Pope] was on a private tour of London’s Tate Museum, to which artist JMW Turner, the subject of the movie, bequeathed all his work. He’s also never been on Twitter and said he doesn’t “know what trending is”.

But now that he does know, he’s not all that impressed at all. He told the LA Times:

If that’s what people talk to each other about [on Twitter], I would never be on it. Not if that’s the level of intelligent conversation.

Oh well, soooooorry, Mr Poop.

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