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6 reasons why sherbet Dip Dabs were the best childhood treat of all

Gimme dat fizzy, sugary goodness.

AS YOU GET OLDER, you happily let go of the childish things of your past. But there’s one thing we never really wanted to say goodbye to: the Dip Dab.

Reliving my childhood with a classic dip dab!! Source: Instagram/feedingmyinnerfatty

Sherbet Dip Dabs – bags of sugar with a lolly stuck in them – were the boldest, tastiest, most coveted sweets of all. Let us count the ways in which we loved them.

1. Penny sweets were nice, but if you managed to cadge a Dip Dab, you were in business

Retro road trip Source: Instagram/aoiferocketqueen

Dip Dabs were in the realm of penny sweets, but just expensive enough to give you pause. Is it worth spending your 10p on, when you could get several penny sweets for 10p?

2. And were they worth it? Yes, a hundred times yes

New Fav place Source: Instagram/hiyasteve

Even as your mam wrung her hands and said you’d rot your teeth, you knew you were making the right choice.

3. That’s because it was basically a bag of sugar

Yes dip dab! #vintagesweets #dipdab #untilijustreadthelabelithoughtitwasdibdab Source: Instagram/mophles

4. A bag of fizzy, addictive sugar

When you're having a pretty shocking day in the middle of a really stressful week, your husband makes you a packed lunch for work because you're running late and you open it up to find this inside. I vaguely remember him saying it was for my boss, who I'm working with today, but I ripped it open and practically inhaled it in order to combat the headache and rainy, cold, windy weather. He is the loveliest and I am the luckiest. #lovemyhusbandsomuch #mywanderingalbatross #butwithoutthelongdistance #forlife #lucky #lovely #packedlunch #dipdab #rubbedintomygums #lifesaver Source: Instagram/annemariesavage

‘Classic recipe’. It’s good to see some things never change.

5. The lolly on its own may have been sickly, but with the sherbet it was a taste sensation

Who remembers dip dabs? Strawberry lolly dipped in sherbet dip. Lush! In and around the workout period is the perfect time to enjoy some simple sugars. I'm just home from @d12_crossfit where heavy squats and 16.4 (workout from The CrossFit Open) was on the cards. The dip dab will go towards repairing and refuelling my muscles for my next training session, which will be tomorrow please God. PS Also had dinner consisting of ham, quinoa, and curried veggies. #nutrition #sportsnutrition #performancenutrition #dipdab #80sbaby #sugarisnotthedevil Source: Instagram/thenutcoach

6. And the ultimate prize was if your Dip Dab magically had two lollies inside

Perfection. Because you always had sherbet left over, and no lolly to enjoy it with.

Right, we’re heading down to the corner shop. It’s high time Ireland revisited the Dip Dab.

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