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This man took in 24 refugees and documented his 'disappointment' in a powerful Facebook post

Dirk Voltz and his partner Mario opened their home.


TWENTY FOUR REFUGEES from Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan have passed through Dirk Voltz’s home in Berlin since July of this year.

This week, he’s posted about his experience on Facebook.

Yes, he said he was disappointed, but about what?

dirk Source: Facebook

Voltz said that he and his partner were disappointed not because they had a difficult or negative experience. Quite the opposite.

He said that “the knives are still there”, exactly where he left them. In fact the knives were only used to pierce a “few onions, garlic and a lot of meat”.

He said that he never needed a key for his bedroom door, apart from on one occasion when a young used it as a toy to play with Voltz’s “four fat old cats”.

He said “Mario and I are still alive”.  He said that none of the refugees insulted he and Mario’s relationship. He said none of the refugees wouldn’t have rathered stay at home.

His disappointment

Dirk’s disappointment came from text messages, death threats on the street and offensive letters pushed into their letterbox. It came from the negative reactions of old friends.

He wrote that his and Mario’s experience since July has changed their lives. And he wrote of his sorrow for people who live in fear. He questioned when the Islamisation that people in Germany have been concerned about is going to materialise.

Today he shared a picture of a child refugee, with the caption: 

The Islamisation will be held… in children’s clothing, on wooden floors… in the winter! In Berlin! In Germany!

ch Source: Facebook

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