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11 photos only people with dirty minds will find funny

There are two types of people in this world.

WE ARE ALL in the gutter, but some of us can’t look at a harmless photo on the internet without seeing something truly filthy.


1. This newsreader’s choice of outfit

CAOHofxUcAAjmgh Source: SahilRiz


2. An iphone that’s just a bit cracked

iphonecrack Source: Imgur

3. This interesting image they chose to advertise a sleeping bag

4. This scene

certainangles Source: Imgur

5. This nature lesson

cobra Source: Imgur

Ah, lads.

6. This happy slide

sliderule Source: Imgur

7. This supermarket display

guaranteed Source: Imgur


8. This man having a breakthrough with prayer

1KTXq8N Source: Imgur

9. This harmless chew toy

chewtoy Source: Imgur

10. And a little puppy having a snooze

Get your mind out of the gutter, internet. It's a puppy. Source: Imgur


11. Finally… these tyres

ubU6q Source: Imgur

If you found any of these funny, you now you have a certifiably filthy mind.


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