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Discussion: If you won the Lotto what would YOU do?
Tell us your plans if you were to win a large chunk of cash. Go on.

THE LOTTO JACKPOT of €6.4m was won by a syndicate of Dublin Airport workers at the weekend according to RTE.

There were 17 people involved in the syndicate which means they won’t all be getting a cool six million.

But still, it does make us think of that age old question, what would YOU do if you won the lotto?

We asked around the office and got some interesting results from the team at and

Some of us have very specific plans

I would take a year’s sabbatical from work and pay an archaeological project to allow me come and mess around with a trowel on one of their sites. Somewhere glamorous, mind, Egyptian or Greek or Roman ruins. None of this knee-deep in mud business, digging out a great big dirty fulacht fiadh in a bog in Westmeath.

Another member of the team wants to own a flashy property and support their favourite sports team

I’d sort myself out with a giant penthouse in Manhattan and a season ticket at Old Trafford. Presumably I’d end up spending the rest on transatlantic flights.

One of us has very noble “help the animal goals”

I’d buy a LOAD of land, build stables and shelters for animals and open a massive sanctuary that would have the capacity to take every type of animal, even the crazy exotic ones. And spend a lot of the money on finding them good homes, giving people free classes on dog training etc.
I’d also buy loads of shoes.

And finally, one of us just wants to have their own impressive life voice over:

I would hire David Attenborough to tell me unbelievable natural-world factoids while I’m doing mundane tasks.

Over to you! Let us know what you’d do if you won the Lotto.

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