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12 disgusting things you can't stop yourself from doing

From looking in the tissue after you blow your nose, to much, much worse.

AS ADULTS, WE all pretend to be well adjusted mature beings, and in many ways we are.  Most of us go to work, pay our bills and keep the majority of our fool-acting to the weekend.

However, there are some gross behaviours that we probably should have grown out of, that we just can’t stop ourselves from doing.

Here are twelve of those behaviours.

Blowing your nose and looking in the tissue

Flickr/Svenstorm/Creative Commons

Looking in the toilet after you’ve done your business


“Eugh, we just passed a dead fox.”  ”Really?  Where?!?”  *strains neck to see*


Picking scabs

Flickr/shizzi/Creative Commons

Squeezing spots


Applying the three second rule


‘Oof, these runners stink.’  *Puts nose in runners*

Flickr/kikfoto/Creative Commons

Picking your nose

Flickr/mollypop/Creative Commons

Peeing in the shower


Examining your used cotton bud


Biting the skin around your nails

Flickr/meddygarnet/Creative Commons

And finally, smelling your own…em…noxious gasses


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