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11 of the quickest reactions to Facebook's dislike button
It’s going to be chaos.

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YES, IT WAS announced overnight that Facebook are all set to introduce a ‘dislike’ button – for “empathy” reasons.

This could change everything. And the reactions to it were as quick and wonderfully snarky:

1. Pray for lost friendships

2. This will only lead to more expansion

We need all of those.

3. And this

4. They could even branch out into more controversial buttons

Throwing shade through Facebook buttons. Standard.

5. Everyone already knows who will be clicking on it

xtina-anim Therichestimages Therichestimages

6. But it is the internet after all

7. Yes, but this is a new frontier for social media disliking

8. New avenues of negativity always present themselves

Eye roll *shaking head* PhotoBucket PhotoBucket

9. We don’t need WORDS any more

10. Endless shade possibilities

11. And finally, this universal truth

We’re all just going to need to learn what it really means when someone clicks that button. It’s going to be a minefield of emotion.

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