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This picture of a doctor comforting a little girl before surgery will give you the feels

The little girl was heading in to heart surgery in a hospital in China. :’)

HOSPITALS ARE SCARY to adults even at the best of times, but imagine how it must feel going into surgery as a two-year-old child?

Luckily, this doctor was there to comfort a little girl going into heart surgery in a Chinese hospital.

CCTVNews - Timeline Photos | Facebook Source: Facebook/CCTVNews

The surgeon, named Shi Zhuo, sat her on his lap and showed her funny videos on his phone (his six-year-old daughter’s favourites, he says) until she felt better about the situation.

CCTVNews - Timeline Photos | Facebook Source: Facebook/CCTVNews

Pictures of the lovely moment, taken by the anaesthetist, quickly went viral on Chinese social media, and soon spread around the rest of the world.

Zhuo told People’s Daily that he just did what any good doctor would do:

This kind of scene is very normal. Doctors often comfort patients with kind hugs and words.

Doctors, we salute you.

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