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A dog took control of a tractor in Scotland this morning and caused traffic chaos

Cheeky pup.

Ukraine Source: AP/Press Association Images

THIS MORNING, TRAFFIC Scotland sent out perhaps the most spectacular traffic update of all time. 

A dog seized control of a tractor and caused a road closure.

No, you don’t need a coffee. This is a real-life thing that actually happened.

As Traffic Scotland explained, the cheeky canine in question leaned on the controls and caused the tractor to leave the field and swerve out onto the M74.

This morning, Radio Clyde spoke to the wife of the farmer in question, who reported that her husband was feeding sheep when the dog decided to drive off.

Apparently John was feeding sheep and when he looked around, the mini tractor had sped off through the field with the collie on board.

She couldn’t shed any more light on how exactly it all went down, but stated that her husband had been to the doctor and ordered to rest.

We should think so.

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