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16 things that are too real if you're a dog person

“I miss that dog”.

WHETHER YOU’RE A dog owner or merely an avid dog admirer, you’ll get these…

1. This is you

stre Source: talkingllama on tumblr

2. Yep

3. This makes perfect sense and was completely worthwhile

bagel Source: @nutram

4. Also you

5. You

6. Cat people know what’s up. As do dog people

7. You’re about to smile like a loon at this

8. And this

hhot Source: @taymonnnzzz

9. Unexpected dogs are the best dogs

10. This is a valid point of view

11. And this is a regular occurrence

12. If you accidentally kick or step on or even look at a dog wrong

zlbKgL8 - Imgur

13. Your camera roll looks a lot like this

14. Let’s compare dogs, shall we?

15. You

jiss Source: @daynabutler23

16. Mmmffff

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