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Screengrab via BBC
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This tiny dog survived a 12 mile drive inside a car engine

The three-month-old pup had quite the ride.

BETTY BOOP IS a rather mischievous and outgoing little lady, but her latest adventure could have cost her dearly.

BBC reports that the three-month-old Jack Russell pup climbed under a neighbour’s car bonnet and managed to become trapped in the engine.

The neighbour decided to take the car out for a spin, oblivious to the fact that there was an extra passenger on board.

The Manchester Evening News says Gavin Juliette drove a 12 mile round trip to pick up his mother-in-law, and only became aware that something was amiss when he got home.

He heard barking inside the engine and when he lifted the bonnet there was a tiny face staring right back at him.

“We just couldn’t believe what had happened and it was even harder to believe how she’d survived”, Betty Boop’s owner Gary told the newspaper.

It’s a good job Gavin wasn’t going to Blackpool or he’d have probably ended up with a hot dog.

All’s well that ends well for little Betty though: She’s relaxing at home after her ordeal.

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We’re sure she’ll paws for thought before climbing into cars again.

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