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# gumby is real
A man dressed up as his dog's favourite toy and it's the nicest thing on the internet right now
# shhhh
This video of a dog adorably tip toeing past a sleeping cat is going viral on Facebook
Quietly does it.
# dammit
This man built a fence to keep his dog in the yard, but there's just one problem...
# Howl at the Moon
The internet has fallen in love with this puppy that doesn't know how to howl
# yes this is dog
This hilarious video will reward anyone who gets to the 20-second mark
Ah, the internet.
# The audacity of nope
Could this be the laziest dog in the whole world?
It’s fine. It didn’t need that ball anyway.
# benny
This Dublin dog destroyed his owner's couch, and he feels very bad about it
He really did a number on it.
# oh the shame
Watch this extremely guilty dog try to avoid an awkward situation
Niko the French bulldog doesn’t like conflict, evidently.
This dog waged a bitter battle with a bridge to keep his stick
You have to do what it takes for your stick.
# great job
This little girl had some hilarious words of encouragement for her dog
The best little cheerleader there ever was.
# puppytube
This dog is terribly confused by the puppies 'inside' the computer
“Where ARE they though?”
# the pegasus project
This guy didn't know how long his sickly puppy would live, so he filmed her growing up
Pegasus’ story is going viral all across the world.
# whisper it
So dogs can learn to whisper, apparently...
# on the lamb
Watch an innocent dog fend off a vicious lamb attack
Viewers of a sensitive disposition may find this video ADORABLE.
# whoops
This video of a dog completely failing at jumping is 15 seconds of pure joy
# walkies
Just a dog, taking its human for a nice walk
You read that right.
# Catch Me If You Can
Fritz the dog's struggle to catch food is truly inspirational
Fritz is all of us.
# doggie in the window
Prepare to be mildly terrified by this video of a dog licking a window
Why is it DOING that?
# cats vs dogs
Is this cat trying to hug his dog friend, or choke him?
Is this love, or something more treacherous? The dog isn’t convinced.
# Welcome home
This man returned home after 2 years and got the best welcome ever from his dog
If you’ve ever seen a happier dog, we don’t want to hear about it.
# Bittersweet
Golden retriever has the best reaction to tasting lemon for the first time
And yet he can’t stop himself going back for more.
# bawk bawk bawk
Just a dog, bizarrely clucking like a chicken
Something’s not right.
# walkies
Old Labrador thinks it's his job to walk younger dachshund
# k9
This police dog can get in and out of a squad car all by himself
A video of this clever pooch is going super viral.
# Snow Joke
Man laughs at dog slipping on ice, gets instant karma
# one weird trick
This dog has the best 'play dead' trick you'll see today
He’s not messing around.
# yes this is dog
Man says 'hello' to dog, dog says 'hello' back
This will never not be weird.
# born slippy
This dog magnificently slipping on ice is all of us
If you can be regal while slipping on ice, this dog is regal.
# eclipse
Dog takes the bus to meet her owner at the park, all by herself
Public transport has gone to the dogs.
# tickled pink
Unlike you, this French bulldog absolutely loves being tickled
He must be the only being in the world that does.
# bubble trouble
Overexcited dog knocks down kid in quest to pop bubbles
# Great Dane
Massive Great Dane tries its very best to fit in tiny doggy bed
Big dog syndrome.
# tell no one
This guilty dog really, really does not want to get told on
“I’m gonna tell your dad.”
# tail slap
Labrador hilariously tail-slaps small dog in the face, repeatedly
The little dog’s FACE.
# ho ho ho
This dog from Ennis just got the best early Christmas present
Lucky old Charlie.
# see derby run
Adorable dog runs for the very first time thanks to 3D-printed prosthetics
Technology is magic.
# i feel pretty
This dog dressed as little girl is definitely the weirdest thing you'll see today
Wh-what? Why is this happening?
# pineapple express
Watch a pitbull being terrorised by a cruel, heartless pineapple
# what a pup
Cute puppy dons Cone of Shame, conveniently forgets how to walk until it comes off
# Gotcha
This dog stepped on a sticky mousetrap, and he's incredibly ashamed about it
“Master. I have failed you.”