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This guy didn't know how long his sickly puppy would live, so he filmed her growing up

Pegasus’ story is going viral all across the world.

PEGASUS THE GREAT Dane was rescued from breeders as a small puppy and adopted by South African filmmaker Dave Meinert. 

pegasus Source: YouTube

Most of her siblings died or had deformities, and Meinert soon realised that Pegasus would always be sick.

Not knowing how long she would live, he filmed her every day – watching her grow from a frail puppy into a strapping Great Dane.

Source: Dave Meinert/YouTube

After Pegasus’ story went viral, Meinert said that travel commitments meant he had to give her up to another family – but she was still very happy:

I am lucky that I get to visit and take her for short periods, and maybe that’s why in my heart she’s still with me. It’s always difficult. If the dog is happier, do you forsake your happiness? I think yes… In the end, we try our best and our pets teach us lessons about love, humility and non-judgement.


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