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The adorable #DogsAtPollingStations hashtag put everyone in a good mood today

Ah, bless.

EVEN THOUGH THERE was so much going on today, people still found time to create a hashtag that putĀ cute dogs at the centre of the referendum.

Introducing #DogsAtPollingStations:

Check out this pooch, who probably felt a little discriminated against

Although Rua here seemed happy enough just to be there

polling1 Eoin Cannon / Instagram Eoin Cannon / Instagram / Instagram

This curious pup stuck their head in to see what all the fuss was about

And the first #DogsAtPollingStations spotted were these two

From multiple angles, people were loving them

And these celebratory woofs were welcomed by all passersby

This guy was looking around for some friends

And Judy here just had a rest. It was a long day

Bless them all.

We wantĀ #DogsAtPollingStations to be a thing from now on, please.

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