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Cronut creator unveils his newest invention...a cookie 'shot glass'

Now you can just skip the whole glass part and drink your milk out of a cookie. The Dream.

HERE IN IRELAND we love our milk. And we love our biscuits. So the newest invention from master baker Dominique Ansel should be right up our street.

Chef Ansel, who gave the world the cronut (croissant-donut) back in July 2013, has created what he hopes to be the next big foodie craze – chocolate chip cookie ‘shots’.

That’s right – it’s a shot glass made out of biscuit, filled with cold, fresh milk.

Emma-Stone-Saying-Yum Source: Gifrific

The chef cooked this up specially for US music festival South by Southwest, where he’ll be serving up cronuts and cookie shots for hungry (and extremely lucky) music fans.

10001113_776466309049831_828394366_o Source: Facebook/Dominique Ansel Bakery

We’re not sure if it’ll catch on as easy as the cronut did (it has the potential to get very messy, very quickly) but we would be interested in sampling one or two or three, were Chef Ansel in need of some taste testers.

Now if only he could find a way to make a biscuit cup that could hold tea without disintegrating, we’d be in business.

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