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Donald Trump seems to think that he should have been nominated for an Oscar

The President said that the award show didn’t feature any *real* stars like him.

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THE RATINGS FOR this year’s Oscars are in, and the results are not good.

The 2018 Academy Awards attracted 16% less viewers than last year’s ceremony, with the lowest ever record Nielsen rating.  In 2017, 32.9 million people in the United States watched ABC’s live broadcast of the award show, compared to just 26.5 million viewers this year. This figure didn’t include digital/mobile viewers.

Similarly, fewer people watched the Golden Globes, the Grammys and other award shows this year. NFL ratings have also slid this year. Maybe people just aren’t interested in TV anymore.

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Donald Trump took to Twitter to suggest why that is.

The US President said that we don’t have “Stars” anymore. Except for him, of course. Trump then clarified that he was joking, because in 2018 you just can’t be sure anymore.

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If only he had been nominated for all of the movies that he was in over the last year. That would have saved the Oscars.

Trump was among many other conservative commentators to slam this year’s Oscars.

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