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6 questions for people who don't have tellies

What do you point your furniture at?

TODAY WE FOUND out that five per cent of people in Ireland don’t have a telly, while 18 per cent of Journal.ie readers said they don’t have a set in their house.

Twenty-five per cent of you said you could definitely live without the demon box.

Here are some questions you would almost certainly hear:

1. What do you point your chairs at?

As once vocalised by a very smart man:

Via EleventhStack

2. What do you do in the evenings?

Followed up with a knowing smile…

Ye duurty feckers (Shutterstock.com)

3. Do you feel left out during the Love/Hate and Downton Abbey conversations?

4. Do you want to come over and watch it in my house?

Eh, the Eurovision is on this weekend. Where are you going to watch it?

5. Do you not have a TV just so you can tell people you don’t have a TV?

This is reserved for the really smug ones. You know the ones we mean. The ones who shrug and say “oh I barely even know what a TV is“.

“I don’t have a TV, I’m too busy Instagramming my elderflower whiskey” (Imgur)

Flickr/Creative Commons/Leah Jones

6. What do you put the kids in front of?

via Imgur

What happens when Spock and Captain Kirk try to speak Irish?

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