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The Undisputed Top 8 Donuts in Dublin City

We have plenty of epic places.

DUBLIN HAS OFFICALLY gone mad for donuts in 2015.

And we have some sumptous places serving up delish donuts on our own doorstep:

8. 3FE

This coffee shop on Lower Grand Canal Street bakes up their own donuts in store and they’re really something. Look at the decadence – it’s dripping off it.

7. Mannings Bakery

doughnuts Source: Twitter

You can get the doughnuts (and any other delicious baked good you can think of) at their Thomas Street, Blanchardstown and Tallaght bakeries. And it’s all gluten free as well.

6. Green Bench Cafe

greenbench Source: Twitter

So much powder and so many different donut flavours to feast on at this cafe on Montague Street.

5. Antoinette’s Bakery

The attention to quality – with their commitment to gluten free and vegan ingredients – makes this Kevin Street joint stand out from the crowd. Some of the finest donuts out there, no doubt.

4. Krust Bakery

donuts222 Source: Twitter

From Aungier Street to George’s Street, Krust seems to have plenty of momentum behind them. And their fresh donuts are top notch as well.

3. The Rolling Donut

22222 Source: Instagram

The iconic O’Connell Street location has been a favourite of passersby for years on end. The distinctive donut-y smell just can’t be beat, even when you’re not stopping in for one. They’re old school donuts as well – giving them a kick of nostalgia to add to the deliciousness.

2. Aungier Danger

#TheCrimeScene #AungierDanger Source: aungierdanger

The new kid on the block – but if the queues out the door during its first week have told us anything, it’s that they are seriously popular. The flavour creations are excellent and the quality is seriously fresh.

1. Dublin Doughnut Company

facebooklabel Source: Facebook

Undisputedly the best donuts this city has to offer. Combining handmade donuts with ridiculously inventive flavours (a 99, anyone?) They’re sold in a couple of locations in Dublin – like the 147 Café on Parnell Street, Vice Coffee, and the Dublin Barista Company as well as directly from the source.

Wonderful stuff.

Where have you had an epic donut in Dublin that needs some love? Let us know in the comments

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