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A Wexford student found her complete doppleganger on a college exchange

This is spooky.

A WEXFORD STUDENT and her spitting-image went viral this week after they posted a selfie of their shocking similarity, having just met at college in Bremen, Germany.

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The girls, Ciara Murphy, and Cordelia Roberts from the UK, said they were often asked about each other before they even crossed paths–with many students claiming they had spotted their twin on campus.


The pair met, posted a selfie to Facebook and were tracked down by Twin Strangers, who help people find their doppelgangers online.

Source: Twin Strangers/YouTube

They’re mates now, and are known as ‘the Twins’. Spooky. The pair have been making headlines all over the world, from Australia to New York. You may remember the founder of Twin Strangers, Niamh Geaney, who met her shockingly similar doppelganger earlier in the year. So… where’s ours?

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