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hello kitty world

UKIP politician asks his Twitter followers to 'play Hello Kitty World' with him

He blames his five-year-old daughter for the gaffe. A LIKELY STORY.

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GAME INVITATIONS: THE courge of social media. Try as you may to avoid them, they have a way of sneaking up on you.

UKIP’s first directly-elected MP Douglas Carswell got landed with a particularly embarrassing one – a tweeted invitation to play ‘Hello Kitty World’ with him.

Aw. Cute!

The press office for the Conservatives (which, according to the BBC, were his former party) had a sassy response:

The invitation got retweeted over a thousand times, after which Carswell tried to foist the blame on his five-year-old daughter.

Sure, Doug. Sure.

He later noted the saddest thing about the whole affair:


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