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A woman shut a toddler in a washing machine for a 'laugh' and no one was impressed

Courtney Stewart said the toddler, who has Down’s syndrome, “loves the washing machine”.

A SCOTTISH MOTHER has come under fire for allegedly putting a child with Down’s syndrome in a washing machine for a ‘laugh’.

The toddler was in Courtney Stewart’s care on Thursday when she posted this picture on Facebook:

Stewart’s Facebook friends were reportedly shocked upon seeing the toddler ‘locked’ in the washing machine, calling her a “scumbag” and a “nutter”.

Some particularly irate neighbours told the Daily Record:

For anyone, let alone someone who is also a parent, to take a picture like that and stick it on Facebook for a laugh is unbelievable.

According to the The Mirror UK, an anonymous user reported Stewart to the police - and two police officers came to her door on Sunday to investigate.

Stewart took the photo down after the police became involved, but nevertheless defended her actions, saying the child climbed into the washing machine of his own accord:

He loves the washing machine. We took a picture and it was a laugh. He’s clearly laughing in the picture. What did they think I was doing to him? Taking him for a spin?

What do you think? Was it a laugh, or are people right to think it sinister?

Poll Results:

Sick and wrong. (1468)
Clearly a laugh. (610)

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