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9 reasons the end of Downton is more tragic than the Zayn news

Who else is going to wear hats on telly?

WELL, AS IF we haven’t had to put up with enough heartbreak from the entertainment world this week, now it’s been confirmed that Downton Abbey’s next season will be its last.

Here’s why this is the worst news ever:

No more…. Lady Mary taking off and putting on hats

Such grace, such poise, such stink eye.


No more… trying to tell Lady Mary’s suitors apart

They’re all brown-haired, the same height, with the same kind face.

mary Is this the same man? Or two different men?

No more… hoping that Cousin Matthew might still come back from the dead

Cast those brown-haired dolts aside, Mary, and wait for Matthre to rise again.


No more… hoping the same for Sybil

Dear, sweet Irish mechanic-loving Sybil. Taken too soon.

We’d take a zombie Sybil over that awful teacher Branson was trotting around with any day.


No more… dog’sarse in the credits

maxresdefault Source: Ytimg

No more… zingers from the Dowager Countess



No more… forgetting what Carson’s name is

(His name’s Charlie, and we’ve known that since the very first season)

No more… waiting for a Carson/Mrs Hughes sex scene

We all know you were, you sickos.


No more… enjoying The Lamps of Downton Abbey on Tumblr

One of our favourite Tumblrs.


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