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This dress becomes transparent every time you post on social media

We know a few people who could do with a go of this.

ALLOW US TO introduce you to x.pose: a dress that becomes more and more transparent as you post to Twitter or Facebook.

Designed by Pedro Oliveira and Xuedi Che from NYU’s Interactive Telecommunications Program and described as “a wearable, data-driven structure,” the dress is intended to reflect how much of ourselves we share on social media.

As the designers explain:

In the physical realm we can deliberately control which portions our bodies are exposed to the world by covering it with clothing.In the digital realm, we have much less control of what personal aspects we share with the services that connect us. In the digital realm we are naked and vulnerable.

Take a gander at the dress in action below:

Xuedi Chen / Vimeo

Well that’s one way to curb oversharing.

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