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Here's how to drink beer tonight without getting drunk

Dreams do come brew.

AH, THE DREAM. Beer is tasty, but hangovers… not so much.

Joch Koch is pretty much the beer messiah. He founded and chairs the Boston Beer Company and contributed to the design of the perfect pint glass. Which, apparently, is this:

perfectpintglass Source: Samuel Adams

He loves beer more than any one should, but how does he drink it every day without getting drunk? He recently revealed his secret weapon to Esquire magazine, which is simply a teaspoon of active yeast for every pint he plans to drink, mixing it with yoghurt so it’s not gross.

Jim_Koch_2013 Jim Koch Source: Wikipedia

But what does that do?

Dry active yeast has an enzyme in it called alcohol dehydrogenases (ADH). This enzyme has the ability to break down alcohol their constituent parts of carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen, which is basically what happens when it gets to your liver. By having the yeast already in your stomach, it starts breaking down before it gets to the blood stream.


Koch warns however, that you won’t be getting away scot free, saying that the trick “will mitigate, not eliminate, but mitigate the effects of alcohol”.

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