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11 accurate observations about driving on the poxy M50


M50 Morning traffic :( 🇨🇮🇧🇷 #dublin #blancherstownexit #M50traffic

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IRELAND’S MOST notorious motorway. The bane of your life. A glorified car park. Just a few ways to describe the poxy M50.

I’ll just have a casual check of the traffi- ARGH


Speed limit? What speed limit?

Nature is against you on the M50

But other drivers don’t really want to help you either

mattress Source: Twitter/@GardaTraffic

Oh that’s great.

That’s if you can get moving at all

That girl is a real crowd pleaser…

At least you know there’s always someone out there having a worse go of it than you

The M50 is where camaraderie goes to die

Judged for singing in the car while being stuck in traffic? Why can’t we all just get along?!

Even getting the bus won’t save you


Sometimes, it can be the scene of something wonderful

“Born beautifully in the car on the M50.” Aww.

But even so, the standard level of emotion on the M50 is Michael Douglas in Falling Down

FjhWCoR Source: Imgur

Fair dues to all of you. May the traffic be light and your journey home swift <3

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