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11 driving sins that should automatically earn you a novice plate

An N plate for you, an N plate for you, and an especially big N plate for YOU!

AS OF TODAY, new drivers will have to display ‘N’ plates for two years to show they’re still new to the road.

Great, but there are many drivers out there who have been doing it for YEARS and still can’t get a hang of some basic rules and courtesies.

Here are 11 driving ‘sins’ that should automatically earn you a novice plate, no matter how long you’ve been driving.

1. Not flashing the hazard lights if someone pulls over to let you overtake

funny-car-overtaking Source: Dailypicksandflicks

It’s called manners.

2. Tailgating

6443621011_4724e4b4c1_b As Jesus said: Thou shall not tailgate. Source: Flickr/Tony Fischer

What do you WANT? Is there any reason you have to be up our arse?

3. Not doing the speed limit on a motorway

slowdown Source: Funny Junk

This is what’s fun about motorways! You can go a bit faster and no one can say anything.

4. Not using your indicators

Actually, for this one you should be sent straight back to driving school.

indicators Source: Flickr/Donald Lee Pardue

5. Unnecessary revving

tumblr_m8d555O8Ky1rouyn1o1_500 Source: Tumblr

This achieves nothing. Nothing.

6. Unnecessary beeping

Look pal, we’re parallel parking. It takes a little time and a lot of concentration. Your incessant beeping of the horn is not helping.

mask-loud-horn-o Source: Gifsoup

7. Being mean to people taking driving lessons

learnerdriver Source: Flickr/SimonWhitaker

We all had to start somewhere. How would you like it if someone was glaring angrily at YOU the first time you attempted a hill start?

8. Not paying attention to your lane

im_a_bus-62697 Source: Gifbay

Then having to barge your way in later on, angering everyone else in the process.

9. Blocking the yellow box

And then acting all helpless when you get stuck.

yellowbox Source: Flickr/leigheast

You do it to yourself, you do. And that’s why it really hurts.

10. Using your hazard lights as an excuse to park on the pavement

“Parking in a place I’m not supposed to park? Lemme just stick on my hazard lights. Grand.”

hazardlights Source: Flickr/ettlz

No. Not grand.

11. Not returning the ‘driving wave’ on a country road

fingerpoint Source: DailyEdge.ie

Why do you hate everyone? Why?

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