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Drogheda man claims responsibility for romantic Valentine's gesture

Romance is alive and well in Louth, even if it is just Photoshop.

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JOANNA, YOU’RE A lucky, lucky girl.

Not only did you get chips, you also got this wonderful romantic gesture ‘emblazoned’ across the Drogheda viaduct.

joanna Source: Piss_in_their_kettle on Reddit

It reads:

Happy Valintine’s Day Joanna. Ye know I love ye. Shaa didn’t I buy ye chips.

However, it looks like it’s not real.

One Droghedan who “passed the bridge about an hour ago” got in touch to say the graffiti is nothing but a “bad photoshop”, while another local man is claiming responsibility for the stunt.

Dom Wilton (married to Joanna) says:

Price of red paint = a few quid
Getting help from great friends = a few pints
Look on my face when the missis says ” a card would have done love ” = PRICELESS

Another Drogheda reader has told DailyEdge.ie that the image has indeed been Photoshopped by Wilton and posted on Facebook as a Valentine’s treat for his wife.

Seán concurs:

Thanks to Piss_In_Their_Kettle on Reddit for permission to use the pic 

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